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November 22, 2017 Draft List


Hydra Pale Ale #5 with Falconers Flight and Citra – 5.5%

Pan Galactic IPA – New England Inspired IPA – 6.0%

Dirty Girl IPA – West Coast American IPA – 6.7%

The Other End – Imperial IPA 8.4%

Nightshade Stout – American Stout – 6.7%

Coffee Nightshade Stout – American Stout with Share Cold Brew Coffee – 6.0%

Belladonna – Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – 12.0%

St. Ebrius – Belgian Abbey Dubbel – 6.8%

Lola’s Saison – Belgian Farmhouse Ale – 5.0%

22oz Bottles To Go

Bourbon Barrel Aged Nightshade Stout – 9%
Belladonna – Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels – 12%

16oz Cans To Go in 4-Packs

Hydra Pale Ale #5
Hydra Pale Ale #4
Pan Galactic IPA
Dirty Girl IPA
Lola’s Saison
The Other End Imperial IPA
Hoppy Valley Wet Hopped IPA
St. Ebrius Belgian Abbey Dubbel
Nightshade Stout
Coffee Nightshade Stout

Beer Sizes

We offer a variety of options for enjoying our ales:
5 oz Pour
12 oz Pour
16 oz Pour
64 oz Growlers
32 oz Growlers


We do not serve food in the tap room but you are welcome to bring in outside food and enjoy it in our comfy lounge.